5.1 Governance and risk management enabling framework

Port resilience-building efforts require an enabling framework. These efforts should be led and supported by top management with appropriate governance measures.

Ports will need to have an appropriate level of organizational resilience to cope with disruption and recover effectively. Having a proper governance structure and relevant support to drive resilience-building efforts is crucial, as is achieving a shift in perception in line with strategic objectives. Port organizational resilience needs to be part of its culture, and need to be driven by management actions. Such efforts enhance an organization’s resilience value proposition and its integration in multiple hierarchies and departments (figure 23). Learning from both successes and failures is important, whether derived from external events or within an organization.

This approach can take the form of a mission statement issued by management underlining a commitment to improving resilience and identifying the key dimensions that should be prioritized. This directive can then drive more specific initiatives, beginning with ERM.

Figure 23: Key actors driving port risk management governance

Key actors driving port risk management governance

Additional information about the importance of a supportive governance and enabling framework is available HERE.